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ACCBF in Your Community

Perhaps someone engages you on the street, or knocks on your door to talk to you about the American Childrens Cancer Benevolence Fund administered by A Warriors Mission and the work we accomplish.   This type of meeting gives you a personal introduction to our cause and our commitment to children and families who are affected by cancer. 

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Why Face to Face?

Meeting us face-to-face allows us to have a personal conversation, perhaps you share your concerns, and learn how you can make an enormous difference in the lives of children and their families. You’ll have a chance to ask questions to a real person and get to know us firsthand — and learn how you can contribute in a meaningful way on an ongoing basis.  Technology is great, and it assists us when we meet in person, but nothing compares to an in-person conversation about such an important topic.

What To Expect When Meeting A Member Of Our Team

You may meet some of our fundraisers at your home or business, outside local retail shops or even on city sidewalks.  They will give you the opportunity to get to know first hand the work we are able to accomplish and may use electronic tablets to securely record your name, address and additional information so we can connect with you and provide updates on the program work of A Warriors Mission, American Childrens Cancer Benevolence Fund.

How To Identify Our Team Members

A team member will:

  • Be properly dressed, many will be wearing a polo shirt or T-shirt with our logo printed on the front
  • Wear an ID badge with name, ID number and photo
  • Ask for a one time gift

If you have any questions about our fundraisers, please contact us here, and use Sponsor Care Associate as the subject. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Is My Information Safe?

Our partners are compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations for financial data security and meet industry regulations related to face-to-face fundraising.  Our privacy policy ensures that we will neither sell, nor exchange your data with other organizations.

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