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Mike Lane

National Program Director

american childrens cancer benevolence fund

We were founded on a calling to do more.

ACCBF - American Childrens Cancer Benevolence Fund was created by A Warriors Mission during the COVID-19 pandemic. Families in communities all across the United States and the World have been challenged with more difficulties. Not only do they have a child fighting cancer, but the high unemployment, loss of health care benefits, and stay at home orders, all putting additional burdens on them. Not to mention the restrictions in place at hospitals, treatment centers and doctors offices. We listened, we heard their needs. Our solution, create the American Children's Cancer Benevolence Fund.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the parents typically look to doctors, perhaps specialized hospitals, then they usually pray, and turn towards (or away from) spiritual beliefs. While spirituality and religion can be very personal issues, we are aware that some parents may be experiencing spiritual doubts, while others look for help coping and hope. We are here to help, regardless of beliefs or doubts, cancer does not discriminate, neither do we.

Excerpts from the National Cancer Institute, : "Serious illnesses like cancer may cause patients or family caregivers to have doubts about their beliefs or religious values and cause much spiritual distress." also from the same source: "... patients with cancer rely on spiritual or religious beliefs and practices to help them cope with their disease. This is called spiritual coping."

Our Mission Gives Hope And Comfort To Those In Need - What's Your Mission?

     ~ 2 Corinthians 1:4  ~ Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

ACCBF - The American Childrens Cancer Benevolence Fund is administered by A Warriors Mission Inc.  We are a non denominational, multi cultural,  fellowship in Valrico Florida. We are a different kind of church, not the typical church, we think differently. We measure success by our sending capacity, not our gathering capacity. We really believe God placed us here on this earth with a purpose, to create a positive change in our shared world.

Everything we do is based on our value of doing more good, having more meaning in communities and having more purpose in all of our lives.   Doing more with the lives we are given. More for the communities we live in. 

Our vision for the ACCBF is to create a valued resource for families, social workers and anyone that wants to help a family with a child fighting cancer.  Even after Covid-19, families will still need help to get through.  Learn more about the costs of childhood cancer.

When a child has leukemia, neuroblastoma or any cancer, time is of the essence. 

Early childhood cancer detection starts with awareness of the signs and symptoms.  When cancer is diagnosed early, treatments may be less intensive, the children have a greater probability of survival, and less suffering.

With your help, there is hope for our littlest warriors.  Here at the American Childrens Cancer Benevolence Fund, we are dedicated to collaborating with hospitals, medical centers and other organizations to identify those families most distressed as a direct result of their child’s malignancy in order to assist with medical bills, treatment costs, equipment, transportation needs and other overwhelming expenses.

Sponsor a Fun Friend for a Child with Cancer

For a donation of $35 we will deliver a Fun Friend to a child with cancer.  Whether it's a friendly Puppy, an enchanting Unicorn,  a do good Dragon or a smiling Safari animal, these Fun Friends bring smiles.

Our  programs and services are funded entirely by private donations, foundation grants, and corporate contributions.  We need your help.  Please donate to help us in the fight against children's cancer.

Your contribution to this mission will get us closer to getting families the help they need.  We serve children and their families with out discrimination.  We view all families as deserving of respect and dignity. Timely, temporary assistance can sustain a family until a long term plan is developed and implemented. 

Where the contributions made go beyond the individual, where they could impact a family, and a community for years to come.

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