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Eli has been through everything an infant should never experience. She is so strong, brave and loved!

When Elianah's family found out that she had Retinoblastoma, they immediately knew which hospital they would go to.

"Eli" was just 4 months old when her parents heard the doctor say "your baby has cancer". Mom was just getting back to work from maternity leave, dad is a disabled veteran, and in remission from his own battle with cancer. The family made the decision to pack up everything and move over 450 miles away, so that Eli could receive the best possible treatment.

Your support makes all the difference for families like this one. Whether it's helping cover medical costs or providing meals for a family who can't afford food while they're busy taking care of their loved one—your donations make sure these families get through this difficult time as best as possible.

Eli Memphis

Eli Back to Dallas

Asking for help can be so hard to do. Thankfully, mom reached out to us for help!

10 months of chemotherapy for Eli, 10 months of living far from home for this young family...the bills piled up as they focused on caring for Eli.

Now, the family is ready to move back to Dallas and ready to start their "new normal". Eli, a vibrant 14 month old infant, has lost vision in one eye, and needs extra supervision.

The family has to travel approximately 450 every 3 weeks for the next 4 to 6 months for Eli's follow-up appointments.

At ACCBF, our mission is to provide support to families like Eli's who have been affected by Pediatric Cancer. Your donations will go toward providing families with financial assistance during a time when they need it most.  Please find it in your heart to give what you can, every dollar adds up to assistance for oncology kids!

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