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Navigating the challenging journey of Osteosarcoma , Nicholas's diagnosis was in July of this year (2023); he is 16 years-old. The cancer is affecting one of his legs in particular and he is receiving attentive care in Connecticut. Nicholas, and his parents, have received nothing but professional and compassionate care from the hospital physicians and doctors, who are doing everything possible to support Nicholas's fight against this merciless disease. He is a warrior!



Nicholas is a bright 16 year-old teenager who has just recently started high school! His family is hard-working, and Nicholas has a bright future ahead of him, full of nothing but success, achievement, and potential; his parents could not be more proud of him.

Cancer does not discriminate in when it chooses to strike the life of the innocent. No one deserves this merciless disease, let alone Nicholas; in July of this year (2023), cancer brutally interrupted Nicholas's wonderful life. The specific cancer that has struck young Nicholas’s life is Osteosarcoma, a vicious type of bone cancer that attacks cells in the bones themselves.

Thankfully, Nicholas has been able to receive care from the compassionate team of medical professionals in Connecticut; it is going to be a long and hard fight, but it is nothing that Nicholas cannot fight through. He is resilient, strong, and is rising up to fight this brutal cancer with his family right behind him.

The tumor is in his leg, and the doctors are confident that they can stop the spread of it through chemotherapy, tumor resection surgeries, physical therapy, and more; they will continue to fight for Nicholas just as he and his family continue to fight. Part of the treatment for young Nicholas may require him to re-learn how to walk, but it is part of the potential recovery process that he refuses to back down from; he will never give up fighting.

As we said before, Nicholas’s parents are very hard workers; they work at a deli to provide for their family, but cancer drains all available funds that a family has. It takes, and takes, and takes. But Nicholas’s parents won’t stop fighting for their son. Nicholas’s mother had to stop working in order to care for Nicholas full-time, therefore the financial burden has fallen on Nicholas’s father to provide for the family’s essentials. It has been a hard fight, but this family is resilient and will not give up until Nicholas is cancer-free; he is a warrior and his best days are still ahead of him!

Nicholas’s family did not qualify for Family Medical Leave. But through your support through the ACCBF, Nicholas’s family has gotten the care and funds they need to keep their essentials and necessities while they focus on what matters: Nicholas’s fight with cancer. Because of your generosity, this family can breathe knowing that there are kind strangers and friends that are fighting alongside Nicholas, making sure that they are taken care of while they defeat this cancer.

No one is ever prepared for the news of having cancer, let alone teenagers like Nicholas, but what is extraordinary is that there are people like you who fight alongside him and his family. The ACCBF stands to make sure that these families and children and teens like Nicholas can fight another day. So, from us at the ACCBF, and Nicholas, and his family—thank you. The Bible talks about how when you help those in need, it is as if you are helping Jesus Himself. Thank you for supporting warriors like Nicholas!

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Let's Pray for Nicholas

Dear Jesus,

We come before You today with heavy hearts, seeking Your divine grace and healing for Nicholas, a courageous 16-year-old boy who is facing the relentless battle against cancer. We lift up Nicholas to You, knowing that You are the ultimate source of strength, comfort, and hope.

Lord Jesus, You are the great Healer, and Your love knows no bounds. We ask that You surround Nicholas with Your comforting presence during this challenging journey. In the midst of pain and uncertainty, may he feel Your loving arms embracing him, providing solace and peace beyond understanding.

We pray for the doctors and medical professionals who are caring for Nicholas. Grant them wisdom and discernment as they make decisions about his treatment. Guide their hands and minds, Lord, and let Your healing power flow through them.

Dear Jesus, we also lift up Nicholas's family. This battle against cancer affects not only him but also those who love and care for him deeply. Give his parents and loved ones the strength to support him, and let them find solace in Your promises. Help them to trust in Your plan even when the path seems unclear.

We pray for Nicholas's friends and peers. May they be a source of encouragement and joy in his life. Grant them the wisdom to know how to support him during this time and fill their hearts with compassion and empathy.

Lord, in the face of this illness, we ask for Your miraculous healing touch. You are the one who can speak a word, and diseases flee. We ask that You remove every cancer cell from Nicholas's body, restoring him to full health and vitality. Let his life be a testimony to Your incredible power and boundless love.

As Nicholas goes through the ups and downs of treatment, grant him resilience and determination. May he find the strength to keep fighting, even when the road ahead seems daunting. Instill in him a sense of hope that transcends circumstances and reminds him of Your unwavering presence by his side.

Jesus, You are the ultimate example of endurance in the face of suffering. Help Nicholas to draw inspiration from Your life and teachings. May he find solace in the knowledge that You understand his pain and are with him every step of the way.

In the midst of this trial, we also pray that Nicholas continues to grow in faith and spiritual strength. Let his journey with cancer be an opportunity for him to deepen his relationship with You, Lord, and to discover a profound sense of purpose and meaning in his life.

Finally, we pray for a future filled with health, happiness, and boundless opportunities for Nicholas. May he emerge from this battle stronger, wiser, and more determined than ever to make a positive impact on the world.

In Your holy and precious name, we offer this prayer, believing in Your power to heal and restore.


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