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Navigating the challenging journey of leukemia, Carla's diagnosis was first in 2021 when she was 5 during the heart of the Covid-19 pandemic. Carla, and her mother Geidy, have received nothing but attentive and compassionate care from the hospital physicians and doctors, who are doing everything possible to support Carla's fight against this merciless disease.

Darling Carla was born in 2016, and like most girls her age, has nothing but fun and success planned in her young life at 7 years old now in 2023. She lives with her mother, Geidy, who loves her little girl more than anything. Carla is vibrant, joyful, and kind, and has nothing but prosperity set for her in the future.

In 2021, Carla got news that not many children her age may be able to process all at once: “You have leukemia.” At this time, Carla was 5, probably not even able to spell that word, and understanding what cancer is? No child should even have to learn what that means. No one is prepared for cancer, let alone a young girl who has her entire childhood ahead of her to start school, make friends, play on the weekends, and find out who they are. This was all interrupted for Carla.

We also must remember that her mother, Geidy, is quite young herself, and seeing this diagnosis for her beautiful daughter is overwhelming, scary, and confusing. Everything that she has to offer for her daughter is now being poured into this vital care that Carla needs and has been receiving for 2 years now. Cancer does not stop at the victim, but makes sure that all of those close to the one it attacks are attacked as well. Imagine being in Geidy’s shoes; no one would even wish this on their worst enemy.

Even though times have been hard in many different ways for many different reasons due to this horrible cancer, Carla has never stopped fighting. She has been fighting for 2 years now and refuses to let this leukemia hold her back from living her young life; she stands as a beacon of light and courage to not only her mother, but the physicians around her and she is not about to stop fighting now. But that does not mean it is an easy fight.

Cancer takes and takes and takes. First, it stole Carla’s young childhood, then it stole a mother’s peace, and then it starts to steal all of the hard-earned money that families like Carla’s have set aside for not just the future, but for daily necessities. It truly takes everything that it can; but it has never stole Carla and her mother’s spirit. Because of time needed off from work and the extra bills from cancer treatment, Geidy has had a hard time paying their housing bills and need help. They deserve a home and a place for Carla to call home in this dark time more than ever.

The ACCBF was able to come to Geidy and Carla’s aid when they needed it most. Because of your support and donations to the ACCBF, you make real change and impact for those around you like Geidy and Carla; this money ensures that Geidy and Carla don’t have to worry about losing their home so that they can focus on what matters most: seeing Carla through this cancer, so that she can live the life she deserves and grow up in this world cancer-free.

It is not just in this way that you support children like Carla. The ACCBF was able to send Carla one of our care-package backpacks! These backpacks have toys, stuffed animals, and activities for these kids to entertain themselves with and give them more hope in this dark time than you can possibly imagine; through your support through the ACCBF, you remind Carla and children like her that they are loved, cared for, and have others fighting for them as well. So from the ACCBF, we thank you, and you also have the eternal gratitude from mothers like Geidy.

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Divine Healer,

We gather with heavy hearts, seeking your grace for Carla, a courageous 7-year-old battling leukemia. Like a fragile flower, she faces the storm of illness, yet her spirit shines bright.

Jesus, you embraced children and their innocence. Hold Carla close, ease her pain, and fill her with strength beyond her years. As she fights, may she know she's not alone—surround her with love.

We ask for your healing touch on her body and wisdom for her medical team. Comfort her family in their worry, reminding them of the support around them.

In life's fragility, Carla's fight reminds us of resilience. May her journey inspire hope, strength, and gratitude. May her story be one of triumph.

Divine Light, guide Carla to health, and may her spirit inspire us all.


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