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Alishbah had been hurting a lot since September 2022. It just wouldn’t get better.

Alishbah had been enduring immense pain since September 2022, and despite various treatments, her condition showed no signs of improvement. The medical team, determined to find a solution, decided that an MRI was necessary to uncover the underlying cause of her suffering. On a cold winter day, January 5th, 2023, Alishbah and her family arrived at Children's Health in Dallas, where she received the devastating diagnosis of cancer in her pelvis.

The news sent shockwaves through Alishbah's family, but they refused to let despair take hold. The medical professionals wasted no time in initiating radiation therapy to combat the cancer, although the treatment brought along a multitude of challenging side effects. Alishbah displayed remarkable strength and resilience in the face of adversity, fighting through the pain with unwavering determination.

However, cancer not only ravages the body but also inflicts deep financial hardships on those affected. Alishbah's mother, compelled to care for her daughter and be by her side during hospital stays, had to take an extended leave of absence from work without pay. The strain on the family's finances became overwhelming, making it difficult to meet their basic needs. Cancer had taken its toll, leaving little room for anything else.

With the weight of their situation bearing down on them, Alishbah's family found themselves in dire need of assistance. Alishbah's father, the sole breadwinner, struggled to cover the mounting expenses, including rent and essential provisions. Their cries for help echoed through their community, hoping for a ray of hope amidst the darkness.

In their time of desperation, a beacon of light emerged in the form of the ACCBF (American Childrens Cancer Benevolence Fund). Recognizing the immense burden on Alishbah and her family, we extended a helping hand. Through the generous support of our donors, Alishbah's family found respite and relief from the constant worry about their basic necessities. They could now focus their energy on supporting Alishbah in her battle against cancer, knowing that they were not alone in their struggle.

Alishbah, a radiant soul cherished by her loved ones, deserves every ounce of care and support. Cancer had thrust them into an unimaginable journey, one that demanded sacrifices and tested their limits. The ACCBF's intervention not only provided much-needed financial aid but also restored a sense of hope and peace to their lives. Alishbah's family could breathe a little easier, knowing that a compassionate community stood beside them, ready to lift their burdens and uplift their spirits.

When individuals choose to support the ACCBF, they become more than mere donors; they become the pillars of strength for children like Alishbah and their families. By offering  support, they extend a lifeline of hope, ensuring that these young warriors have the resources and care they deserve. Alishbah's story serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that collective compassion can have in bringing light to the darkest of circumstances.

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